Pubg Loot 2022: Free Room Card, Parachute Skin & Classic Create

PUBG game is one of the most liked and played games in India, the specialty of this game makes it different from other sports. In this, you can play in singles, duos, and squads. In this game published by Pubg Corporation, you land via parachute to your chosen place on an island where guns and equipment are to be used to kill others. Shortly after the game starts, a blue circle begins to grow, limiting the scope of the safe zone, with each player trying to enter the area. At the end of the game, only the surviving players or teams are called winners.

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How To Get Free RP Card, Parachute Skin & Classic Create

  • Firstly Open Pubg Mobile Game.
  • Click on Clan Events as shown in Screenshot.

  • Now Go to the Shop Section and there you’ll see many items like Room Card, Classic Create, Profile thumbnail, Guns Skin, etc.

  • Redeem Clan Points to get buy all this stuff for free.

  • Bingo! You loot all stuff, just check-in Inventory box.


Pubg Xyz Loot

  1. Friends, if you want a good loot on any map of Pubg Mobile, always choose a place that does not fall in the way of the ship, as well as where fewer people are expected to land.
  2. When squads or doubles play, raiding in different houses always gives more loot.
  3. You can get the freedom to loot at a greater distance using a car than walking.
  4. Armor and helmets of the third level are easily found with good weapons in places such as Geojepool, Military Base, Mylta Power, and Mansion.

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