Play Jio Tambola Game & Win Prize Everyday

In this lockdown, the Jio Tambola Game is ready to erase your boredom, by playing it you can win a bumper prize every day. Like a wheel jio offer, you can participate in this Tambola game through myjio app, in which you can win prizes sitting at home for free. Do not delay too and take advantage of this offer soon.

You can participate in the Tambola contest by visiting Myjio App at 7 PM and 8 PM daily. The winner will be declared on the correct answer in the competition, which you can see by going to the winner’s list. You can also get great offers from exchanging coins.

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How To Play Jio Tambola Game & Win Prize Everyday

Step 1] Open MyJio App and Tap on “Tambola Sabka Number Aayega” banner.

Step 2] Claim a Free Ticket to Answer a Question, as shown as Screenshot.

Step 3] Tap on the Announced Number as soon as Displayed on Game Screen.

Step 4] Tap on the Pattern as soon as Achieved.

Step 5] Winner Name will be announced on When all the numbers are called out.


Today Jio Tamobol Quiz Answer – 17 Sept 2020

Answer the following question correctly to get the FREE TICKET.

Question: How Many Hours are there in One Day?

Options are:

  1. 24
  2. 10 
  3. 35
  4. 55

Correct Answer is: 24

Winning Patterns

  1. “Early 5” will mean such profess to have the initial five (5) numbers in the Ticket crossed.
  2. “Top-Line” will mean such profess to have all the numbers in the top line of the Ticket crossed.
  3.  “Center Line” will mean such profess to have all the numbers in the centerline of the Ticket crossed.
  4.  ‘Bottom-Line” will mean such profess to have all the numbers in the last column of the Ticket crossed.
  5. “Corners” will mean such profess to have all the numbers toward the sides of the Ticket crossed.
  6.  “Full-House” will mean such profess to have all numbers in the Ticket crossed.

Terms to Play Jio Tambola Game

  • Daily during the Game Period, the Participant is entitled to avail one (1) Ticket per event upon answering the Quiz Question correctly. For the avoidance of doubt, the Ticket may be generated anytime during the day for the subsequent Each Ticket is active during the Game Period only.
  • During the Game Period, certain numbers are randomly announced by the Company. Such announced numbers are notified on the Game screen.
  • If the announced number matches any number present in the Ticket of the Participant, the Participant must actively tick-off such number.
  • All Categories (Early-5; Top-Line; Middle Line; Bottom Line; Corners; and Full House) are available in the Game for a Participant to choose within the Stipulated Time.
  • All the Categories should actively claim by the Participant, and the Company validates such a claim. Prize (s) are accordingly awarded to the Participant on a “first come first serve basis” in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
  • If the claim raised by the Participant for any of the Categories is invalid, the Company shall consider the Ticket canceled (“Bogie”) and any Prize(s) that the Participant may be entitled to, shall also be canceled.

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