How To Increase RP in Pubg Mobile PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground

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Hello guys, I hope you are liking our Pubg tricks. Again we come back with the latest loot trick Where you can earn Unlimited RP and You Don’t need to do any extra effort. This process is very simple so let’s start it –

increase pubg mobile rp

This trick is working in Season 20 Where every player will get a royal pass and many more things. You just need to simply all Free RP Missions or purchase an elite upgrade pass to do it instantly.

I know you are looking for a free royal pass but in this season you will get more as per your expectation because we have added some more interesting methods. So enjoy it and try it once and get the highest RP ran in clan members.

Increase RP In Pubg Mobile Season 20 Trick

Do you want to increase RP then you need to complete some tasks as mentioned below –

Complete Challange Missions

If you log in daily in pubg mobile then first time definitely you’ll get free 10 RP points but it is not the fastest way to earn RP then we look for Challenge mission. This is not an easy task but by applying some simple trick, you can achieve it. So let’s do it –

challenge missions

  • First Open Pubg game.
  • Go to RP > Missions > Challenge Missions.
  • There you’ll see all the incompleted tasks which you’ve to do to earn a maximum of RP points.
  • Now Open Map and Change your Server To North America or Europe.

change server

  • After that, Start the Game and then you’ll find a very easy kill.
  • Just Complete all the Challenge Mission tasks and get a free RP bonus.


Daily Events

If you want to get more then do more. Every new season comes with new events in which you need to collect the reward. To do this just click on “Events” and then the Infection: Eliminate Zombies tab. You will see this week’s task, complete it and get 10 Royal points.

Infection: Eliminate Zombies


Combine Create Coupon Scrap

Many people do not pay attention to the builds because they cannot be aligned until 10/10 is created, but when it is fully collected, combine it, and in reward, you will receive 2 RP points. As shown in the screenshot.

combine crate coupons

Achievement Points

Achievement points come under the Missions tab. In this, you’ll see all the rewards. So try to get all incomplete achievement points and get exclusive rewards.

achievement rewards

Buy Elite Royal Pass

Now you can easily purchase an elite royal pass to get the highest rank in your clan. It is not free, you’ll need to spend some money and after that grab maximum benefits of pubg mobile game.

Purchase UC Cash

If you do not know, then let me tell you that you can also increase your RP by buying UC cash, for which you will have to lose your pocket. After buying UC, you can use it in different places, through it you can increase it up to 100-200 RP at a time.

Check: How to buy free UC Cash in Pubg Mobile

Complete Season 20 Missions

Week 1

  • Land on top of building in the School are (3 times) – 50 RP
  • Win a Classic match while wearing an Lv. 3 Helmet – 100 RP
  • Add 3 Friends – 50 RP
  • Give 20 LIKEs to teammates – 50 RP
  • Use the Clap or Greet emote in Pochinki – 50 RP
  • Reach Gold tier or above – 50 RP
  • Complete 15 matches with Friends – 150 RP
  • Kill 3 enemies with a pistol – 75 RP
  • Destroy 10 vehicle tires – 75 RP
  • Kill 15 enemies with assault riffles in Sanhok in Classic mode – 75 RP

Week 2

  • Kill 20 enemies with M416 – 100 RP
  • Kill 5 enemies with Kar98K – 50 RP
  • Finish in the top 3 twice with friends in Classic mode – 50 RP
  • Travel over 30,000 in a vehicle – 50 RP
  • Recover a total of 1500 Health – 50 RP
  • Get 4x scope in 10 matches in Classic mode – 50 RP
  • Revive teammates 5 times – 75 RP
  • Land on top of any building in Pochinki 3 times -75 RP
  • Get an Lv.3 Armor in 10 matches – 150 RP
  • Kill a total of 20 enemies with SMGs in Classic mode – 70 RP

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