How to Install What’s App in Jio Phone

After many tries, Now I came up with the latest trick which will help you to install whats app in jio phone. Nowadays Lots of people buying Jio Lyf Easy Mobile at Rs.1500. This mobile has many inbuilt apps but it has no play store that’s why you can’t install or download Whats pp & Facebook.

Jio phone is a 4G enabled phone which comes with the Volte feature. It is the lowest price mobile in India. If you’re going to buying this phone then one thing you should remember that Jio has not supported any whats app version. It might come in the next update. So don’t waste your time to download unwanted Jio apk file for whats app because it will not be supported.

install whats app in jio phone


How to Install What’s App in Jio Phone?

1] First, enable your phone internet connection.
2] Open default browser and Paste this link in URL ( or Direct visit this link.

whats app on jio phone

3] Now enter this URL:
4] Then choose any window version (7/8) and then select the chrome browser for fast respond.
5] After that, Click on ‘Test Now!’ button.
6] Now you’ll get a QR code on the phone screen.
6] Now you will need to your what’s app account which should be installed on your smartphone.
Open it and tap on 3 dots and then select ‘WhatsApp web’ option.
7] When you select that open then your camera will turn on. Now scan the QR code which is available on JioPhone’s screen.

jio phone qr code

8] Magic Moment there: Now you will see that same whats app account will open on both mobile 9] screen(Jio & Smartphone).
10] If you disable your smartphone internet connection then, you are logged out from JioPhone’s WhatsApp account too.

Points to be Noted:

  • You can only open your whats app account in jio phone browser which is already running on your smartphone.
  • This method works with only jio phone browser.
  • If any steps are not working then you can use another site.


How to Run Facebook App in Jio Phone

If you are using a web browser to access FB account then good news for you. Now the Facebook app has come with Jio phone. So don’t worry about how to run Facebook on jio phone because this feature has already come with this phone so enjoy and connect with your friends.

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