Google Pay On Air Offer 2022 – Play Ads Video & Collect Free Stamps

Hello friends, I hope you are enjoying the Google Pay app for online transactions. Earlier, we told you How To Win up to 1000 Google Pay Scratch Card For Free and now we are talking about Google Pay on Air offer.

Note: The Google Pay On Air offer is currently only visible in specific accounts. So if you are lucky to be one of them, just play Ads on Google Play Air and collect 2 free tickets per day.

To participate in this Google Pay offer, you must play any Google Pay Ad on YouTube or television using our air feature. In this offer, new and old consumers can participate and earn from scratch cards from Rs.10 to Rs.1000 and this offer can be availed only 2 times on one account.

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How Google Pay On Air Offer Works?

These are promotional programs run by Google Pay, in which you must select ‘On Air-icon’ while running a Google Pay advertisement on television or YouTube. In which 2 scratch cards will be added to the rewards section immediately after hearing the clear voice of the advertisement through the phone’s microphone.

You can also play this Google Pay Ads Video


How To Collect Free Stamps in Google Pay App

If you do not see this offer, please update your app first and then try the steps below:

  • Open the Google Pay app and go to the Promotions tab.

  • Tap on the on-air icon and allow the microphone to access the voice.
  • Just run the ad above or YouTube through Google Pay.
  • Now move your phone’s microphone closer to the advertisement.
  • You’ve caught an advertisement!” Appearing on the screen will complete the task.
  • Just go to the Google Pay app and collect free tickets.

Reward Proof

Terms Of Google Pay On-Air Program
  • When eligible for the offer, you can get only 1 scratch card for which you will have to tune into the advertisement.
  • You can win from 10 rupees to 1000 rupees per scratch card.
  • The amount won will be an automatic transfer to a bank account linked to Google Pay Apps.
  • The microphone must be activated to listen to audio or video ads.
  • You can earn up to a maximum of 9000 rupees every financial year through all Google Pay offers.
  • Google reserves all rights to discontinue this offer or disqualify any participant who misuses this offer.
  • Any fraud or suspicious activity with the offer may block your Google pay account without prior notice.

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