How To Activate Flipkart Buy Now & Pay Later Option

Hello friends, everyone must have heard about Flipkart and must have done online shopping at some point. Today we are going to tell you about Flipkart buy now & pay later service activation. Using which you will not have to give credit/debit card details while making a purchase, even with no money, this option can be done.

Keep in mind that this post-payment option is only available on Flipkart for select users, eligible members can make online purchases of up to Rs 5000, which they can repay by the 15th of the month. If they do not do so, they will have to pay the dues along with the fine.

flipkart buy now pay later activation

This cardless facility is very useful for users who do not want to share bank account details. By subscribing, you will get rid of the problem of paying extra money, interest and paying more immediately. So let’s go ahead and know that Flipkart buy now and pay later.

Why Choose Flipkart Pay Later Option

Many people have become a victim of online fraud by shopping online, due to which many people are afraid to enter bank account details and consider offline shopping more often. To solve this problem of people, Flipkart has given a pay later option in which you will not face any kind of problem. Also, if you are waiting for a salary to buy a product, then you can use this option to buy products online immediately and pay it later.

Buy Now & Pay Later Benefits

  • There is no need to maintain a bank account balance to purchase any product.
  • Checkout without entering otp code and other details.
  • You can use it anytime and anywhere in the world.
  • You can buy products up to Rs.5000 per month.
  • Every Subscriber will get a special offer every month.
  • The refund process will proceed faster than others.


How To Activate Flipkart Buy Now & Pay Later Feature

First of all, remind that this option is not available for all users. The only lucky customer can avail this facility So check if this option is enabled on your account then try this method –

  1. Visit Flipkart site.
  2. Login in your account by entering email/ Mobile Number and Password.
  3. Select any product and click on checkout.
  4. Now see whether the Pay Later option is available in the payment option.
  5. If you are lucky, you will get this option in the notification.

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How To Buy Any Product using Flipkart Pay Later

  1. To buy any product just Open Flipkart App or visit its official website.
  2. You must add any product in cart which you wish to buy.
  3. If the product can buy using this option then you will see “Eligible For Flipkart Pay Later”.
  4. Now proceed to Checkout and Select Flipkart Pay Later.
  5. Just click on Continue button and your order placed.


Terms and conditions
  • Only lucky users can use Flipkart pay later option benefit.
  • You can buy products up to Rs.5,000 to 10,000 in a month.
  • If you use this option, pay before the 15th day of the month.
  • Pay all your dues within the given time otherwise, a late fee will be charged.
  • If you not pay then they will complain fir against you or send a legal notice.

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