Facebook Study App 2022 | Earn ₹300 Per Invite

Facebook Study App

Earn Rs.1400 Per Month From Facebook Study App

Facebook Study App Referral Code, Facebook Study App Invite Link – Hello friends, welcome to Buyfreecoupons We hope that you have been able to earn a lot of money from the Facebook Research Referral Program before.

We have come up with one such Facebook Study App, in which you can earn 1400 rupees every month without any investment. Like Google Task Mate, it’s possible to join via the Facebook Study app invite link.

Facebook Study App 2021 | Earn ₹300 Per Invite

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What info does the Study app collect?

  • Apps installed on participants’ phones.
  • Type, language setting, ad network in your app.
  • Features used by participants in the Apps.
  • Information about the Bluetooth device identification code in the participant’s mobile

About Facebook Study Referral Offer

To join the referral program of the Facebook Study App, it is mandatory to have an invitation link, then only this app will work on your phone. The app pays $20 to use the app for one month and $5 on each successful invite.

How Does Facebook Study App Works

Study App uses competitors’ data as a form of business and product research to gain insight into which apps they value and how to use. This information enables the Facebook Company to tailor its products to people and better understand the community.

How To Join This Program Using Facebook Study App Invite Link

  • First of all download the study from the Facebook app from here.
  • Install the app on your device and open it.
  • Click Continue to proceed to the welcome page.

Facebook Study App 2021 | Earn ₹300 Per Invite

  • Now enter your email which will be linked to your account.

Facebook Study App 2021 | Earn ₹300 Per Invite

  • Check your email, you will receive a confirmation code from the study from facebook.

Note: Currently they are sending confirmation codes to selected users. Maybe they contact you in the future to join this program.

  • Now give all permission to access this application.
  • Now participate in the Facebook study program and then close the app.
  • This app will run in the background and analyze all your app usage.

How To Redeem Earning From Facebook Study App

Once you use this app for one month you will get $20 and when an invited person joins the Facebook study app you’ll get $5.

Nowadays this app is not making any payment, Once you reach the minimum payout limit.

Final Words

Facebook study is the best app to earn money, just share invitation links with your friends and relatives and earn ₹300 per referral. On the other hand whenever you want to end participation, just stop sharing data or uninstall apps with one tap.

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