Bypass Jio 1.5GB Daily Limit Trick: Get 4G Speed After 1.5GB

Bypass Jio 1.5GB daily limit 2021 new offers and services have been updated on this page. First, they came up with Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan offer which gave us a 4GB or 1GB daily data limit and now they come with the latest Happy new year offer, Now Reliance jio users are getting high-speed internet with 1gb per day and after that speed cap to 128kbps. We all know that this 1GB data of jio sim is not enough for us or which are heavy users and browse the internet on Pc or Laptop that’s why there are some tricks for those who want to get 4G speed after 1GB daily limit or remove speed cap of Jiofi device.

bypass jio 1gb limit trick 2021
Bypass Jio 1GB Limit Trick 2021

About Jio Daily Limit

First of all, thank you for reading this post, We all know that Reliance claimed that they are giving a 1GB daily limit on jio sim but actually when we cross 700 or 800 MB data then 4G speed cap to 128 kbps. All the offers are free and giving unlimited voice calls and messages but then everyone wants to know the trick to get a 1GB limit bypass. Jio claims that 70-80% are not crossing 1GB data so with this remain cap, we can get the 4G internet with a high-speed connection.

Bypass Jio 1.5GB Daily Data Limit (100% Working Trick)

Hello friends, if you want to increase net speed then do a small change to bypass Jio 1GB limit. By applying this trick you’ll get high-speed unlimited internet after cross 1GB daily usage, the best thing about this trick that you don’t need to require to install any application or any changes in the Jio app setting. You have to do a small change in your phone setting. Just follow steps to Bypass 1GB daily data limit trick 2021.

How to Bypass Jio 1GB Daily Limit

  1. First of all, Open your myjio app and then check your balance.
  2. Now close the application and go to mobile settings >> Date & time >> change the date here.
  3. Now here is a trick that changes the date to the next 2 days.
  4. Now again open the myjio app and check your balance is zero now.
  5. All done, browse the internet without any limitations.

Trick to Bypass Jio 1 .5GB 4G Data Daily Limit: 1GB Speed Cap Solutions

if you use the internet on your pc or laptop then definitely, you always crossed your jio 1GB and after that, you’ll face 128 kbps low speed, nowhere I m going to share with you a method to bypass Jio 1GB daily limit per day. Try this trick on your android mobile and get free super-fast internet. So heavy users try the below method to increase jio speed after crosses the 1GB daily limit and enjoy free 4g speed per day.

Bypass Jio Daily Limit Easily

Reliance users getting many problems in jio sim because many free jio 1GB limit solution and bypass trick is not working on every smartphone so guys don’t worry there are many other methods to get unlimited data. Try all the above tricks then comment below if they are not working on your mobile, we will give you another method to get jio 1GB limit Bypass.

How to Bypass Jio Daily Limit

This trick is actually based on the Old version of the Myjio app, so if you want to apply then it means your converting your welcome offer or New year offer to a previous offer. After that, you can extend the welcome offer to 31st March. Just follow steps to remove Jio 1Gb daily limit and install the Myjio app from here of the play store, remind that never update that app to the new version. 

Trick to Get 4G Speed after 1.5GB in Jio

  1. First of all, Uninstall all Jio Apps from your mobile phone and take the backup of your apps
  2. Now Download the older version of the MyJio app.
  3. Now Install & Open MyJio App then wait for few seconds to show an error message like “No Internet Connection Found.”
  4.  Now Enable your Internet Connection and immediately click on Skip Button.

Note: Click on the Skip button as fast as possible, if you do it late then a popup box will ask you to Update the App, don’t click on it and click on the Skip button as soon as possible as it Appears.if you missed that option then go to phone Settings > > Applications > MyJio and click on Clear Data. Again repeat the same process as mentioned above.)

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Proxy method to bypass Jio 1 .5GB speed limit 

  1. Firstly Go to Phone settings >> Mobile Networks >> Select Jio Sim >> Create New Access Point Name.
  2. APN Name: BuyFreeCoupons
  3. Enter APN – JIONET
  4. APN Type – Default
  5. Enter Proxy – and Port 80
  6. Server –

After all the above steps save all settings and make this APN as default APN. After that, restart your device then start using free jio 4g data.

Trick to Get Jio Unlimited 4G data 

This is the best trick to get Unlimited 4G data after the 1gb limit of jio. If this not works then switch off your phone and apply the steps:
  1. First of all, Disable your mobile data and switch off your mobile phone.
  2. After that remove the jio sim from the phone and switch on the device.
  3. Now go to phone settings >> applications >> and clear all data of myjio app and related apps.
  4. After that again switch off the mobile phone and insert the jio sim into the device.
  5. Now switch on your mobile phone and enable phone mobile data.
  6. Bingo!  You use now high-speed data and enjoy 4g speed unlimited in jio.

If you have any doubt or suggestion regarding post so please comment below, we will happy to solve your problem

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