Amazon Refund Trick Of January 2022

Everyone is fond of online shopping, so is it possible to get what you want without spending any money? Yes, in this post we will tell you how to get a refund from Amazon without returning the product.

We have to pay shipping charges on purchases from Amazon and other shopping sites which put extra weight on our pocket. To avoid this, they are obliged to choose the product of Rs 500 or above. In such a situation, we have brought a trick for you, which protects us from paying other charges. Our always
The effort has been to provide things and services to our readers for free, as explained further.

Using this trick, your Amazon account can be blocked or legal action can be taken against you. In such a situation you will be responsible for all the issues. There will be no accountability of any kind on

Amazon Refund Trick 2021

  1. First, go to the official website of Amazon India or register a new account on its app (if already, then log in to the account)
  2. Add any low-value product to the cart and complete the order using the available online payment methods.
  3. In a few days, you will receive an order, after which you will have to submit a request for product returns from Amazon Customer Service, to make it real, you will have to share screenshots via chat or email.
  4. For a full refund, it is necessary to mention the bad packing and empty box in the complaint.
  5. Finally, you will be asked some order return questions, which will have to be answered boldly. Within a few days of being satisfied with your answers, they will refund the entire amount in your Amazon account as a pay balance.

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Consider these points to get easy returns.

  1. Always use a new account to buy products, and keep a wallet or bank option open for refunds.
  2. Claim a refund via chat or customer service within half an hour of receiving the order.
  3. Raise a maximum of one refund request from one account and buy only those products whose purchase price is too low.
  4. Only buy products worth less than 10 thousand so that there is no high risk at the time of return.
  5. Keep the product away from your home before taking any action so that there is no fear of being caught in the investigation.
  6. Keep the empty box with you until a refund is received and it is very effective for proof.

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Alternate Way to Get Easy Refund From Amazon India

Friends, remind that it looks easy, but in reality, it is not. Here we are showing some work methods to make your complaints effective like –

  • Comment about your issue on Amazon’s Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • Keep checking the complaint number continuously and check the status every day.
  • Notify Amazon partners via product return requests via email.
  • Call customer service from the registered number and do not disconnect the call until the complaint number is received.
  • Be sure to mention the name and number of the delivery boy in the refund request.


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FAQ’S About Amazon Refund Trick

Q1. is this trick working for amazon prime users?

Sure, but request a refund only once.

Q2. What to do if an Amazon refund is not received?

It can take 2-3 days for prepaid orders and up to a week for a refund in COD (cash on delivery).

Q3. How to avoid being investigated

Follow the above methods carefully and if you answer each question carefully then you can easily opt out of the investigation process.

Q4. is this refund trick working on an amazon new account?

Hmm, but from a security point of view, the old account seems more real to get instant returns.

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