Bhim KotakPay App Offer- Get Rs.25 Cashback on Send Money (Earn Rs.750)


Bhim KotakPay App Offer: Get Rs. 25 Cashback on Every Send Money Transaction (Earn upto Rs. 750)

Bhim Kotakpay App Offer: Hope you guys are enjoying our every android trick, Free paytm tricks. Now we coming with latest cashback offer on UPI transaction app is one of part of Bhim app which works on UPI platform. You can get Rs 25 cashback on each upi transactions

Earlier we have posted Bhim app send money offer, in this program bhim app user can get cashback on send and recieve money.
KotakPay app is also offering similar cashback on send money. You can maximum earn upto Rs 750 which can be send directly to your bank account.

BHIM KotakPay App Cashback Offers:

Nowadays BHIM UPI App is Offering Two Cashback offer via KotakPay App:-

First Offer - Make transaction through app & Get Rs.25 Cashback On Each Unique Transactions 

Second Offer - Earn upto Rs.250 by sending minimum of Rs.10

BHIM KotakPay App (First Offer) – Get Rs.25 Cashback on Each Unique Transaction

  1. First of all Download KotakPay App From Here
  2. Install and Open the App.
  3. Now Register For New Account.
  4. Now Create your UPI Id and Select your Bank.
  5. If you complete 4 step correctly then you’ll see your  @Kotak VPA Address.
  6. Now Send Minimum Rs.100 using your @Kotak UPI Address to Different UPI/Account number or Mobile number  (You can sned money to different UPI adresses like @paytm, @phonePe)
  7. You will earn Rs.25 for Each Send money Unique Transaction Of Rs.100+
  8. You  can Avail Rs.500 From this offer.

BHIM KotakPay App (Second Offer) – Earn upto Rs.250 by Sending minimum of Rs.10

  1. Firstly  Complete  all the above 1 to 4 steps.
  2. Now Send Money To Any VPA/UPI ID, Account Number, Mobile Number
  3. Then you will get cashback on number of transaction of Min of Rs.10 as Mentioned below
  • Rs 100 cashback on 25 to 50 Number of Transactions
  • Rs 200 cashback on 50 to 100 Number of Transactions
  • Rs 250 cashback on More then 100 Number of Transactions
  • You can maximum Earm Rs.250 from this offer.

BHIM UPI Cashback Offer: Terms & Conditions

  • This kind of offer is made to the usersof Kotak Mahindra Banking App and BHIM Kotakpay App.
  • Any involvement in these offers are voluntary. Any person gaining these offers shall be deemed to have accepted these Conditions.
  • The Standard bank reserves the absolute immediately to change / change / withdraw / stick / cancel these offers without notice without giving any notice and without setting any reason.
  • Both Give 1 and give 2 are valid for transactions done till 31st March, 2019 ("Offer Period").
  • This Present is non-negotiable, non-encashable and cannot be clubbed with any other offer.
  • Consumers are eligible for both Offer 1 and Give 2.
  • 30 days will be used for computation of "Month".
  • The decision of your bank in all matters in connection with and incidental to both Offer 1 and Give 2 is final and shall be binding on all persons.
  • The client is encouraged to read and be familiar with Terms and Conditions before availing the great things about these offers.
  • The first transaction/ uniqueness will be checked basis UPI IDENTIFICATION + Account No/IFSC & Mobile Number. Only first transaction between the fernsehanstalt and receiver is considered unique. Any subsequent purchase between the same fernsehsender and receiver will never be considered unique.
  • In the above example, if payer directs money to any rémunération with credentials as described from serial number one particular to 4 in the above table then these transactions should not be counted as separate ventures. If payer does purchase each to Sr. Not any 1 to 4 then rather than counting these as 4 unique transactions, this will be counted as single unique transaction. And if an user will transaction to any Sr. No 1 to 4 above and Sr. Not any 5 then these should be two unique transactions.
  • If perhaps User A has delivered money to user M (before this offer period or in this offer period) then next purchase between user A and user B won't be entitled to cashback
  • User is entitled to maximum 750 procuring each month through both Provide 1 and Offer 2.
  • User can transfer money through UPI ID, Consideration number + IFSC or scan QR code but sending money through AADHAAR number will not be considered for the both Offer 1 and Present installment payments on your
  • Cashback on the deals shall be paid to the person whose account is debited for the valid financial transaction and procuring amount will be acknowledged to eligible user's loan company a/c linked against the UPI ID directly.
  • Virtually any transaction where in the thoughts and opinions of the Bank or investment company there is reasonable data that the transaction is not genuine or genuine and the user has indulged in deceit as well as fraud of any mother nature to say these offers, shall not qualify for these offers.

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