5 Best Tricks to Earn Money From Facebook | December 2018

We all want to make money in different ways but fewer people know that they can use Facebook for generating $$$ without going anywhere. Yes, it’s possible, you can use your social media account like Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit. Many people using their Android mobile to earn thousand dollars monthly by using some simple tricks.

So, friends, It’s not easy to earn money from facebook but you can make it easy by doing some simple task. So come and read this post seriously because it will help you to make money.

Best Tricks to Earn Money From Facebook

best way to earn money from facebook

Opening Store on Shopify & Facebook to Earn Money

If you earn money through online marketing then first you need to open an own store where people can buy kinds of stuff like Amazon or Flipkart. You can use Shopify and create your own account on it without investing one rupee.
  1. First of all, signup for a new account and you will get 14 days free trial.
  2. Register a Domain name something like anything.shopify.com
  3. Your store is ready; now add some item to the store from AlieExpress which cost less than $10.
  4. While listing product, you need to change every product cost to at least $14-$15. 
  5. You will get $4 or $5 profit on per each sell.
  6. Now create a new Facebook page of your store and share some post from the store on FB page.
  7. Then boost your post and Select your target country and audience, gender & age.
  8. Main tip: Try to target USA audience because they have the best economy condition and buying power.
  9. Now set your advertising budget which can be for any amount or you can use Facebook ads for extending post limit.
  10. If you have done all the steps correctly then you will definitely get many clicks, comments and like on FB page.
  11. All done! If you getting 200-300 clicks then maybe you will get 5-6 sells per day.
  12. I hope you will generate thousand $$$ to follow this steps. 

Sell Facebook Pages 

This very simple trick, if you have a facebook page with thousand like then you can sell it online to business promoters earlier it had become trend to sell the old account, fan page and groups to promotion purpose.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate marketing is the best online resource to earn money. Just open a website and upload some products which are available in Flipkart or Amazon. Then open an affiliate account on both websites. Now you will get your affiliate Id from Flipkart or Amazon. Now main work is here, just copy your id and paste it on every product backend and where any user purchases any product from your site then you'll get some commission on every product from the desired website. You can also use facebook for affiliate marketing.

Earn money via Facebook apps

You can make lots of money but before it, you need to develop a facebook app independently. When you complete the app then you can apply for banner, ads or you can sell virtual good or personal stuff and it will help to earn money.

Earn Money through Facebook Group

Yes it is possible, If you are an admin of FB group with more 10k members, so you should engage members with your blog posts and attractive images and relevant questions etc. When you do it all correctly then you can use your FB group for place ads or banner and you can use it for different ways like:
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Run Paid Surveys
  • Business Promote
  • Sell services/Product/Book

Creating a Trendy Blog or Website

Hello newbies, I know it is not easy to do it. But I am doing already it and enjoy and earning lots of more. If you have not a website or blog then you should know how to start a blog and when you create it then post on it trendy content and post then you will get much vision on your website and if you are not getting like and visitors then shared your post to a relevant group of facebook.
By doing all this you will surely make money without investing one rupee and all these methods are working fine. Just use this trick to earn money and Facebook is a large platform to doing all that.


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