How To Link Aadhaar Card with Mobile Number Online & Offline 2019

Now Supreme court new rule is that which sim is running on fake identity will be disabled, now it is compulsory to link aadhaar card with a mobile number and verification process will be based on Bio-metric. If any person purchases any idea or any sim then they have to pass the biometric verification process. It is a very simple process, Use your aadhar card number and fingerprint at the time of aadhar verification. If you want to keep active your sim services for a lifetime then link aadhaar with a mobile number online in Vodafone, Idea, Bsnl, Reliance, Docomo, Jio, Airtel.
Link Aadhar Card with Mobile Number
Many People were thinking that Linking aadhaar card with a mobile number is not compulsory, Which people ignoring biometric verification they will face sim discontinue problem. Only Reliance jio user will not follow this process because they have already done all this verification process at the time of sim purchase. Any other Operator sim user has to do Biometric Verification with aadhar number.

This process will stop fake sim identity and do many right things for the user, only Uidai card user can purchase a new sim from the shop. If you're getting SMS from your sim operator number then you have to do sim verification with your aadhaar number and Fingerprint. 

Document Requirement for Link Aadhaar Card with Mobile Number

You all know that Digital India is making now and everything is going to become digital for everyone so this verification is very simple and reliability for everyone. If you are going to do your link mobile using aadhar card then ready with below document for the verification process

  • Aadhaar Card( Which should be your Own)
  • Owner of Aadhar Card at the time of Fingerprint verification
  • Enable sim card which will be linked to your aadhar and mobile for OTP.
  • Retail shop where you can do all the above steps.

How To Link Your Airtel Number With Aadhaar Card

If you have an Airtel sim and want to link aadhaar card number with mobile no. the keep enables your sim and follows steps for link airtel number with aadhaar.

If you want to check your sim is linked with aadhar or not then try below method
  • Firstly Visit Airtel Store/ Outlets / Care. ( Here verification is free of cost)
  • If you don’t want to go there then you can go to any retail shop where fingerprint scanner is available, there you can do your sim verification.( Maybe you to pay some rupees for it)
  • Now Ask Retailer to Link your Aadhar to Airtel mobile number, Then retailer will Ask your 10 digit Mobile Number & 12 digit Aadhar Card number.
  • The retailer will use your mobile no to Generate OTP and after that, you’ll get 4 digits, OTP Pin. 
  • Now give this pin to Retailer for next step.
  • After that Put your Fingerprint on Scanner and you’ve done all steps.
  • After some time You will get Confirmation Message From Airtel Customer care and you should reply with type Type “Y” and send it to the same Number 
  • Condo! Now Your Airtel Number is Successfully Linked with Your aadhar Card number. 
  • Note: If you get adhar link message after biometric verification then ignore this SMS.

How To Link Vodafone Sim Card with Aadhaar Card 

Now here you should follow the same steps as I mentioned above. Do this method if you want to link Vodafone with aadhar. The verification process is very simple, User can go to any retail shop where the biometric scanner is available and then ask for verifying and it can’t be done online. If you want to know it about briefly.
  1. Firstly Visit Vodafone store in your area.
  2. After that ask them to link aadhaar number with Vodafone number.
  3. Now Give your mobile number(for OTP) with aadhar card number.
  4. After some time you’ll get OTP Pin on your Vodafone number for the next process.
  5. Give this 4 digit pin to Retailer.
  6. Now put your fingerprints on the biometric scanner to complete the process
  7. All done! now you have successfully linked aadhar card with Vodafone mobile number.

How to link Idea Sim with Aadhaar Online

After supreme court decision ever phone user have to link their sim card with aadhaar number. This is necessary for every user except jio sim users because they have already got their sim with biometric verification. Now you can also do your sim verification with below steps
  1. First of all Visit you nearest Idea shop or idea retailer 
  2. Now Ask them for idea aadhar link with aadhar card.
  3. After that give those to your mobile number and aadhar card.(Photocopy no needed)
  4. Now you will receive an OTP on your idea mobile number for verification
  5. Give OTP to the retailer.
  6. Now your adhar linking process is being started.
  7. After that verify your identity with fingerprint verification
  8. That’s all your Idea number is successfully linked with aadhar.

How To Link Aadhaar with Airtel Mobile Number

All the process and steps are same just go to the nearest Airtel store or you can link aadhaar in any reatailer shop who have a finger print scanner. You can also follow below steps to get your airtel sim card linked with adhar card.
  1. First of all visit any nearest Airtel store in your area.
  2. If you did not get any shop then visit any retail shop where the verification process is doing by biometric machine.
  3. Then ask him for Airtel sim link with aadhar card.
  4. Provide him with aadhar details and mobile no.
  5. Give him OTP number which you have received in your mobile.
  6. Finally, verify your fingerprints and you have successfully Airtel sim linked with aadhar.

How to Check Mobile no. Is Linked Or Not ?

You can check also that your sim card is linked or not. Going to any Retailer shop or any store just follow these steps
  • Dial 198 and ask to customer care that aadhar card is linked or not and they will solve your problem and giver you reply instantly.
  • Or you should check your SMS inbox daily because that sim which is not verified then they get or notification by message or call in every 10 to 15 days 

How to Link Aadhar via Online method

Hello friends, there is no online method for sim card verification. You have to verify with aadhar number or Uidai card so ready with it otherwise your sim service will discontinued anytime.

If you have any doubt or suggestion regarding post so please comment below, we will happy to solve your problem 

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